Role Reversal & Caring for Aging Parents

Role ReversalJune 02, 2014

It’s never easy when you realize that a parent is having issues with independence. We all want to think of our parents as larger-than-life figures who are capable of anything. But the truth is your parents are more fragile than you think, especially as they get older. Sooner or later, a parent’s ability to care for themselves may become compromised due to aging issues.

Be Aware Of Signs

While the aging process is different for everyone, there are certain tell-tale signs to be aware of. The most common ones are difficulty with driving, housekeeping, medication management and paying bills on schedule. Often times it can be challenging for adult children to recognize these signs, especially if they live far away. That’s why regular communication and visits between parent and child are so important.

Whether or not these signs have already started to appear, it’s critical to start the planning process now. By having a plan early on, you can avoid a lot of stress & anxiety in the future for all parties involved. Not only does a parent’s aging affect their own life in many ways, it also largely impacts the adult children as well. As a parent’s self-sufficiency begins to deteriorate, the adult child is left with the responsibility of caring for their parent. This can often be an overwhelming task. It will likely take a huge toll on the child’s work life, social life, and possibly even their health.

Find A Comfortable Solution

The needs of aging parents and their reliance on their children to meet those needs will only become greater as time goes on, unless a solution is found. Although there are many options available to improve the situation, it’s about finding which solution the parent is most comfortable with. The best solution is the one where both child and parent feel at ease and feel like they hear each others voices.

One solution is to have the parent move in with the adult child or vice-versa. However, this can often change the dynamics of the family and might not be feasible for all individuals. Another option is to have a caregiver come into the home on a regular basis to check in. They can provide assistance to them in a variety of ways. But this can become costly after time. Another option to consider that offers the best of both worlds is an assisted living community or senior living community.

Consider A Senior Living Community

One of the great things about a senior living community is that it provides a trusted, safe environment where a parent can live comfortably and with dignity. A child can enjoy peace of mind knowing that someone is caring for their parent. Generations at Agritopia is one such senior living community in Gilbert, AZ. Here seniors can enjoy services such as housekeeping, restaurant-style dining, scheduled transportation and a wide range of social and educational activities. Not only that, Generations treats each resident as a welcomed member of the community. They have the freedom to enjoy their favorite activities, hobbies and the extended connection to the community within the surrounding neighborhood of Agritopia.

Whichever option you choose, know that the sooner you plan, the better. After all, the best decisions are ones you make well in advance, not under pressure or in the midst of a crisis.